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Unique clients are determined by a combination of Invoice Name & Email Address.  You can thus have multiple clients with the same Invoice Name, and multiple clients on the same Email Address, but only a single instance of a combination of Invoice Name & Email Address.

Clients can have multiple email addresses.  Separate them with semicolons (;) e.g:;  Each email address will receive a copy of each email sent to the client.

As soon as a client is created, a random password is generated and emailed to the client, giving him the ability to sign in on Invoices Online and view all documents to him & to make payments if you have an integrated payment gateway - see Payment Gateways for more information.

Old clients can be marked as Inactive, which will prevent them from showing up anywhere in the system.  They can only be seen from the Clients page if the Inactive? checkbox is checked at the top of the page.

Client Options

Various options exist for each client, most are self-explanatory, but these are a couple you should be aware of:

Opening Balance - we know that your business has a history before starting with us, enter your clients balance at the time of creation on Invoices Online here.  Use a negative sign (-) for an outstanding amount e.g.: -100.00 would indicate that the client owes you 100.00 units of your business currency (also see Currencies).

Opening Balance Date - specify this date to ensure it shows correctly on statements.

Receive email preference - You can turn off the default setting of "Email To Client -> true" here.  You can still change it when creating a document, but the default state is changed here.  See the Email section on the Settings page for related settings.

Banking Details

You can add multiple bank accounts for each client.  Banking details are not used if you do not make use of Debit Orders.  Please use Universal Branch Codes to prevent errors.

Credit Cards

You can add a credit/debit card for each client.  Note you must have the Sagepay Vault Payment Gateway (see Settings) integrated for this to be shown.  Cards are automatically verified & encrypted once added.  We don't store usable card information, only a token & masked card number.  We will notify you when the card is about to expire, and will disable debit instructions for this client once the card has expired if a new card has not been added.

Automatic Statements

Automatic statements can be configured for each client, see the Statements page for more information.

The Clients Actions Menu

Various options are available under the Actions Menu, including the following notable items:

  • Edit Client
  • Deleting A Client
  • View Statements - Tip: hold control (cmd on mac) when clicking this link to open statements for this client in a new browser tab.
  • Generate & Email Statement Type Links - When a link states Generate, it will not email to the client, but only be generated for you to view or download.
  • If you have multiple businesses on Invoices Online, links are also provided to copy the client to the other businesses if they do not yet exist therein.  Note that this opens the Add New Client screen which is pre-populated with the client data, you still need to click Save at the bottom of that window.


Updated: Sun, 25 February 2018

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